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„Gruppo FOS Lithuania“ together with Italian partners (STAM and EMAC) working on the project which main target  is to implement the DIH HERO TTE, RECONNECT project with the idea of technological transfer of a space originated mechanical transmission into a prosthetic arm prototype, to improve its mechanical characteristics, such as: precision, lightness, torque density, reliability and robustness.

RECONNECT will empower the amputees to regain their ability to perform ADL as naturally as possible and will dramatically expand their independence. Bringing such prosthesis to the market could significantly help the society not only directly improving the everyday life of disabled people, but also will ease the burden on government as a lower investment will be needed for their support and care.


Collecting the past experience, merging it with the experience made by STAM and EMAC in prosthesis and robotic aid for the hand, a list of topics to address will be reviewed. The main topics to address are:
• Mechanics: to add the ultra-compact planetary gearbox of the degrees of freedom, in order to get more precise and stable movements, higher force, and reduce weight.
• Cost: to add ability to adapt the length of the hand support and the socket, in order to fit different sizes and kinds of amputation, so the prosthesis can be produced in series. Create the ability to adapt electrodes for different injury types. An important design optimization to reduce manufacturing cost is expected, benefitting from serial production methods. All these activities will lead to an affordable yet advanced prosthesis.
• Electronics: to modify the electronic board in order to improve gathered myoelectric gain quality. Additionally, to reduce system energy consumption. Create wireless pairing and control ability. Add precise feedback of pressure applied on the fingers.
• Software: to create an android app with a functional UI, through which the main set of tasks could be selected. Additionally, create the ability to turn on specific movements with signals from the software. Add ability to track battery level and tracking of main parameters of the system.